It starts with grain in the hands.

Italian Food

Hands plant seeds. Seeds get sown; tended; nurtured. Seeds become crops that are harvested; dried; ground. And they’re ground with a manuality of such lightness and air, grain reawakens as flour; as dough; as pasta; as pizza; as bread.

And, as home.

Grain becomes home.​

And to an Italian ​

home connects everything.

Whether it’s wheat, corn or rice, spiga is Italy’s connective culinary element. It’s what Italy’s recipes are built on, and it’s what our recipes here at Spiga are built on, too. It’s our way of bringing you into our home and feeding you like family.

At Spiga, we tempt you to taste the journey that brought spiga’s grainy glory from Italy’s Abruzzo region to yours. Experience what artisanal Italian means to us: paper-thin pizza; sumptuous stews—recipes that delight!—and pasta. Always pasta. Made from grain.

Made by hands. Made to mean home.                             

Italian food

is oh-so-many things.

It’s comforting,

elegant and expressive.

It is gleeful and musical.

It nurtures; it’s providential; and it can be romantic,

stylish and sooooo very sexy.

Visionary? Why, yes! Italian food promotes wanderlust, too. It is the stuff that delicious dreams are made of. And each day within Spiga’s open kitchen our team dances to create dishes in front of the glow of our wood-fired oven, for you. 




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